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About Mindanao Container Corporation

drum manufacturer philippines

MCC Plant is located in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental which is situated in Northern Mindanao and about 24 kilometers East of Cagayan de Oro City.
Envisioning itself to be the premier manufacturer of quality steel drums for both local and international markets, MCC recognizes that the world needs more than just steel drums.

Why go with MCC?

We consider ourselves, leaders in the industry of steel drums. We are a dynamic and experienced organization that has invested 20 years of “drumming excellence” in the Philippines since 1989. We are definitely committed in providing our clients with quality drums which are also tailor-fitted to their needs and requests.  The interior and exterior of our drums are carefully constructed according to requirements.
Safety measures conforming to strict standards are also applied to our drums for customer satisfaction. We embrace the idea that the world needs more than just an ordinary drum and our vision is to provide the world with quality drums that serves its 100% satisfaction and purpose.

Our Services

Product Matching - to determine appropriate drum specifications for customer's need.

Product Development - includes discussions on what products are to be placed and what type of drum fits on customer's requirements. Drums undergo series of test to ensure a leak free and high quality drums.

Process Development- works on innovative strategies to a more efficient work, lesser cost and to better improve the services we give to clients.

Continuing Technical Visit and Discussion - our team conducts continuous visit and monitoring of the drums and discover solutions on how to further enhance it.

MCC Drums

tight head container drum Tight Head

Tight Head Drum has non-removable covers. Filling and extraction of contents are done thru a 2" and 3/4" openings provided with steel or plastic bungs placed at the top cover.

full open head container drum Full Open Head

They are designed in such a way that its top cover are removable but are fully secured and fastened from its drum body with the use of lock ring.